SMART Recovery Drink will support you to be fit again.

IngredientsQuantityDaily Values*
Vitamine C400 mg530%
Vitamine B610 mg667%
Vitamine B18 mg727%
Vitamine B56mg120%
Vitamine B20,8 mg53%
Vitamine B110,1 mg50%
Vitamine B80,03 mg75%
Vitamine B120,004 mg140%
Calcium50 mg5%
Magnesium27 mg8,6%
Kalium16,7 mg0,54%
Zink1,67 mg20,8%
Chroom0,00067 mg1,7%
Taurine1000 mg
N-Acetyl Cysteine200 mg

* general daily values by Dutch law