Frequently asked questions:

Can SMART Recovery Drink eliminate the effects of too much alcohol?

No, that is impossible.

Is the recovery effect for everyone the same?

The recovery effect of SMART Recovery Drink is depending on many factors. These factors are : age, gender, weight and physical condition, and of course the amount of alcohol that you have drunk. Research has shown that after an average of 5 alcoholic drinks the effect of SMART after alcohol gradually decreases.

What is the best time to drink SMART Recovery Drink?

We recommend you to drink one bottle SMART Recovery Drink before going to bed or when you wake up.

It is meant for…

Anyone who drinks alcohol once in a while and wants to perform the next day at work or at the gym. SMART Recovery Drink helps you to achieve optimum performance.

Can I drink more alcohol now?

No, certainly not! Alcohol can give a pleasant effect, but it’s still unhealthy for your body. Drink alcohol in moderation. Do not drink too much.

Can I use SMART Recovery Drink to become faster sober?

No. Every human body does so at its own tempo and cannot be influenced.

Does SMART Recovery Drink reduces a headache?

No, because alcohol is diuretic. This makes you lose more fluid than you can ingest. Your body starts searching for moisture at any available place. This also occurs between the brain peel. The lack of moisture there causes headache. Always drink at least 2 glasses of water before you go to sleep and when you wake up.

Why is my urine yellower (after drinking SMART Recovery Drink)?

SMART Recovery Drink contains a high concentration of different vitamins B. These are inherently yellow in color. Anything that your body doesn’t need will be lost by urination. This can cause a yellow color when you urinate.

Is it harmful to drink more than one SMART Recovery Drink?

No, the vitamins are dosed so that one bottle is enough. The substances your body doesn’t need will be lost by urination. We therefore recommend you to drink one bottle at a time.

Does SMART Recovery Drink contains only healthy substances?

Yes. SMART only contains vitamins and amino acids. Also natural flavors and no sugar or caffeine and just 1 calorie.